Friday, July 10, 2020

"The Giant Jumperee" by Julia Donaldson

Baby frog pulled up some joke, and it terrified the bigger animals. 

"The Giant Jumperee" was well written by Julia Donaldson, it is a funny trick made up by baby frog when it hid inside the Rabbit's burrow. 

"I'am the GIANT JUMPEREE and I'm scary as can be!" 

Terrified by the scary voice from an unknown creature, the Rabbit cried for help.

The first animal that offered to help was the Cat, and it promised to pounce on the creature. 

Was the cat able to help rabbit? 

You can only find out from this beautiful fictional adventure, it is not only FUN to read, but gives an expository details to the expressions by each animals that offered to help Rabbit. 

"I'm the GIANT JUMPEREE and I'm taller than a tree!" This terrified the Elephant just as he put his long gray trunk inside when he stomped up to the burrow. 

"Help! Help!" trumpeted Elephant.
 ""What's the matter, Elephant?" asked Mama Frog."

Mama Frog was able to get the Giant Jumperee out of the burrow as she uncovers the playful surprise.  

But the Rabbit, Cat,Bear and Elephant were terrified before the surprise uncovers.  You should read this book to your child, and they will love the well plotted adventure. 

A good lesson from the book is how it portrayed the bravery of Mama Frog, she was not scared of the loud voice  "He can sting you like a bee,"said Bear: "And he's taller than a tree," said Elephant. Yet, Mama Frog took no notice of them, and she jumped up to the burrow. 

"Come on out, GIANT JUMPEREE!" she said. "You're the one we want to see, so I'm counting up to three!

She counted, then the surprise was revealed. 

 It also shows how other animals were kind, and offered to help Rabbit. 

An adventure that young readers would love and enjoy. Well illustrated work of art.
 I will give the book a 4 stars. 


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