Friday, June 19, 2020

Featured Book REVIEW courtesy of Muslim School Books

Book title : Phonics Kindergarten 2 Book K
Publisher : Muslim School Books 
Author: Grandma Jeddah - Teacher over 35 years
Editor: Eric Ali - Principal Al Madinah School

The author, Grandma Jedda has been an educator at an Islamic School in Los Angeles for nearly 40 years. She specialized in teaching reading to kindergartners and first graders for over 20 years. With all of her rich experience and knowledge in reading programs, she combined these effective promoting reading success experiences and Islamic guidelines, and dedicated it into developing this brilliant TEXTBOOK. 

Review of contents:

The book is a Phonic textbook for Kindergarten 2, which consists of sight words for practicing phonics for reading readiness, sound,cumulative review and writing. It is a 171- page book,well tailored to suit a Muslim early learner. 

The author's objective was to develop a consumable Phonics textbook for Muslim early learners that does not only enhance their early learning reading development, but also help in developing relatable sight words that a Muslim child is deprived of from the conventional textbooks. Muslim learners can only find relatable ideas or scenarios in just only Islamic Studies textbooks, which ideally should not be.

One thing I loved and appreciate about the book is the author's usage  of highly effective approach which  helps my child in sounding out words phonetically, using an illustrative dialogue, as a mother of visual learner, it is a relief.

And as a Muslim, I try as much as possible to avoid certain images in my house. Getting a conventional textbook in this regards is not possible, but the author was able to produce a textbook that avoids images of people, animals, or offensive words that doesn't befit the Islamic way of life, rather they alternated these with images that reflect the Islamic identity of the learner, and this I commend. 

"Mummy, look it says hijab" , "Look at hijab, look at masjid'  I remember my son shouted out in amazement when he first started using this book. These he had not seen before in any of his practical books, except in the Islamic books. Seeing it gave a sense of connection as I, his mother uses it and he knows what it was. 

"What is this?" he asked as he saw 'miswak', he learned a new word, and we took advantage of that to talk about miswak and why it is good. My enthusiastic learner always find his way to create a story, or a scenario with the sight words he sees in  the Textbook. 

The 'ed'(d)' sound on page 166 is so very well illustrated. Though not an Islamic textbook, but a Phonic Readiness Textbook,but the slide word (sight word) on page 112 gives an overview of the story of Prophet Yunus, and that is another beautiful thing about the book. Another, is the story of Bilal. I say Maa shaa Allaah, for the effort put into designing this Textbook. 

I will recommend this book to every Muslim parents, or schools.   

The illustration of the sound is unique and I give this book a 5 star. It is well tailored, and you will appreciate every content.

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Sunday, June 7, 2020

"I Am a RAINBOW" by Dolly Parton

Celebrate the colorful variety of feelings we all share.

"I Am a Rainbow" is a beautiful book to teach young readers feelings, how we feel the ways that we do, and how to manage those FEELINGS.

The author's main focus was to guide little readers on how to utilize their TRUE colors; with a beautiful outline, great font and easy to read and understood contents, each page displays the beautiful color of the RAINBOW, and colorful smiling clouds that most kids will find irresistible. 

"Colors make up our whole world, Everything we say and do. But did you know each boy and girl Is made of colors too?" 

Just as the colors of the rainbow, the author represents major feelings that kids can get with each colors of the rainbow in a FUN, illustrative and relatable manner, and rhyming words. 

This book does not only teach feelings, it gives practical approaches to managing them:  Encouraging kids that everyone has feelings too, and they can filter their feelings through LOVE and still get along. If you have been having a hard time in letting your child know that however they feel is not always up to them, but rather how they act is what matters -  this book is one of the good books to teach that, and the message will be well understood , and FUN to know. 

"It's nature's way- these colors you show. So simply say...... I am a RAINBOW!"

I will give this book 5 stars.
I don't have any issue with the book. Dolly did a great job. And you should get this book in your shelf!

What is your favorite color?