Thursday, July 23, 2020

How do you make teaching a child less stressful?

As a parent or educator, your mental strength is important. It can be hard to manage a child. Most of the experience is out of your control, but a child needs and want you as the adult to be STRONG, and WISE. They understand you are the adult and they love that you are there for them, they never meant to drive you crazy. 

Being an intelligent adult, you need to take your time to understand their psychology, and be aware of every child's difference in attitude and inclinations, and in this regards, you give in your best to NURTURE and penetrate in their innocence to hopefully plant the seed of good values, and virtuous habits by whatever way you choose, and your learning goal, keeping the mental ability of the child into consideration. 

Childhood can be difficult. As an adult, try to feel and relate that children go through rough times, and this will make it less stressful for you. Whenever the rough time comes, maintain calmness as much as you can. BREATHE. 

How do you make the learning experience LESS stressful?

1. know your LEARNER.

2. Identify the goal and objectives

3. ESTABLISH your role as the facilitator of learning.

4. GIVE your learner space to learn from mistakes by creating assessment.

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