Thursday, July 23, 2020

"Listen and Learn" by Cheri j. Meiners, M.Ed.

'Listen and Learn' is one of the 'Learning to Get Along' series. 

The series is a great compilation of essential tools to model social skills for children. Skills like respect, cooperation, empathy are great asset and value that the society needs, and to help young learners, it has to be in their own tunes, to effectively impact positive behaviors. 

Simple, but interactive illustrations by Meredith Johnson. 

"There is so much to learn about the world"
"listening helps me learn"

The book portrays a child talking about his day in an expressive way. The child says about how he wants to learn, and why listening is important to help him learn better. 

On the 13th page, the author shows how he child was willing to ask question, and how it is FUN and important to participate in a group. 

She went further on other parts of the book to talk about how children get distracted even when they want to listen. As an educator, I find this realistic, and she illustrated is a great resource. She encouraged them to look and listen carefully. The child in the book says by listening, he wants to hear and understand, and that make know what he is being asked to do.

"It might be something really fun!"

"sometimes it's hard to listen."
"There may be other things to see and hear"
"I can keep trying to watch and listen to the speaker.
"Each time I listen, I get better at it."

The book let young readers visualize how their appropriate behavior positively impact themselves and others. It also encourages them to think, it teaches practical, and fun techniques to cultivate listening and getting better at it.

I give the book a 5 star. and I recommend it for teaching affective skills. 

It also includes activity guide for adults!

It is a book that help young children learn to behave responsibly and respectively towards themselves and others. 

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