BismiLLAHir Rahmanir Raheem,

AlhamduliLLAH wassalatu wassalamu ala rasuliLLAH.


_I am so humbled to have you here and I want to take this opportunity to welcome you. I love and value your presence, and I will also appreciate that you READ and share this for Allah's  sake. And may Allah make it beneficial in both worlds.  Aamiyn_


One of the indisputable facts of human existence is the universal phenomenon of the love for children.  The celebration of the arrival of a child is a global culture.

But it is quite unfortunate that the well welcomed cute TOT grows to become an undesirable adult; that nuisance to the community, that tyrant politician, that brutal criminal, that non ethical citizen!  This is the challenge that our generation  faces, and it has been proven by religious bodies, or behavioral therapists that most of the problem, or what a child becomes is mostly INFLUENCED by the parental role and societal factor.

Although, it is reasonably or logical understandable that no parent will want their child become socially ill in character or nature.

Then why?  what happened to that adorable TOT? what did the parents do wrong?


The reality is that most of the problem is caused by the adopted method of upbringing the child. As a Muslim, who has researched on several approaches to parenting, I am confident to let you know that most of the problem arise because the PARENTS are not AWARE of Prophetic method of nurturing a CHILD, likewise the CAROUSEL BRAINSTORMING technique or rotating review; which is a strategy used in helping students learn new information through REFLECTION.

I aim to facilitate this developmental group skill which enhances brainstorming, discussion,communication; and hopefully promote active learning experience for you and your CHILD. The approach that I will be using is through BOOK review while I will also share tips that you can adopt in empowering your child reading SKILLS. {Teach me how to READ, and I will conquer the world}. Carousel is a cooperative learning strategy that involves movement, discussion, and REFLECTION.

I pray that this humble effort of mine to share few of my knowledge reaches as much parents as possible, especially MOTHERS. In Shaa Allaah.

And I hope that we strive in impacting exemplary character on our  offspring, Bi'ithnillah. By leading by example and disciplining with respect where appropriate.

What I intend to share are  Educational TIPS Moral Book reviews(for the tiny TOTS), learning resources, and lots more.... In Shaa Allaah.


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Thank you!

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