Monday, September 14, 2020

"Bunny's book Club" by Annie Silvestro

 Bunny's Book Club, by Annie Silvestro

A curious bunny sneaks into a library at night to get books and then creates a book club with his animal friends. 

Why did bunny create a BOOK CLUB?

The author portrayed Bunny as a book lover, he had fell in love with books ever since he first heard a reading aloud outside the library during summer, and  had several imaginations as he listened to the reader. 

As soon as summer was over, the story time moved back inside, and bunny cannot do without BOOKS.

He needed to do something!

The story takes the young readers on the adventure that bunny had until he finally started a book club with his friends. 

Bunny found a way to get into the library at night, he searched and sneaked. Soon, his home was more of books than burrow. 

"Where have you been?" asked Porcupine.
"Reading," said Bunny.
Why?" said Porcupine.
Bunny's eyes popped wide open.
Why?" he sputtered. "Have you ever been to the library?"
It was time for Bunny to let Porcupine in his SECRET.

Over time, Bunny had all of his friends into the library, and it is a fun adventure. All of the animals loved it.  They got all they wanted to know from the books in the library.

The book is beautifully designed that young readers will love to read and get curious to want to get to a library and get the fun and adventure as bunny and his friends. 

This book exposes readers to the beauty of reading. The readers will not only learn about the library and the rules in a library, they will also get to see different animals, and familiarize themselves with these beautiful creature. 

I give the book 4 stars. Well illustrated, and FUN to READ.

Back at Bunny's they cozied up with cups of tea and carrot muffins. Together, they read until sunrise. Nothing is as sweet as a good company and a good book. I think young learners will love this book. 

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