Friday, April 24, 2020

"Clifford's Noisy Day" by Norman Bridwell

Clifford, The Small Red Puppy Board Books.

Clifford's Noisy Day is one of the six board books series authored by Norman Bridwell. It was published by SCHOLATIC Inc. The book cover reveals Clifford a cheerful red puppy and its alarm clock.

Clifford's Noisy Day is a board book for infants until one year old. It has simple words and good font, that will make it pleasing to for the babies' understanding and view. 

It is about how Clifford spent his day; from waking up from the rings of the ALARM clock, to the SLAM of the door, the POP from toasting his breakfast, to the noises from the street when he got on the road to play with friends. "DING-A-LING. The telephone rings. Can Clifford come out to play?" says the telephone.

Clifford's Noisy Day is a good book to expose tiny ones to sounds in relative to the expression.  It is fun to read, and the babies will LOVE the sound from CLIFFORD'S NOISY DAY.

Another thing I love about the book is the simplicity, quality and the shape of the book, which will help in its handling and durability.

I  give it a 4 stars.  The only problem I have with the book is the expression used in qualifying how people chat, but the kids will find it FUN. "YAKKITY-YAK. The people chat".   And of course it is made for them!!

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